My Websites

This section includes sites that I have built on my own for myself. These websites earn revenue in different ways and collectively they average over $1000 per month. If you want me to build a website for you, be it for business or personal website like this one, just reach out to me in the ‘contact’ section.

  1. Technology Sage is a technology blog where I share my knowledge on matters mobile phones, computers, software, games, and firmware.
  2. This is a technology forum/ social community where tech fans can discuss, ask and answer technology related questions or topics covered on Technology Sage.
  3. This is a video site where I publish technology videos on topics related or covered by Technology Sage blog.
  4. This is an Android APK file download site that offers users APK files for free download and use as they may deem necessary.
  5. This is a finance blog where I share knowledge on investment matters, investment portfolios, how to invest, among others.
  6. and : These are web hosting providers that Provides High-speed Web Hosting on NVMe SSDs. The fastest hosting in Kenya. Free SSL on all hosting plans, 99.99% Uptime guaranteed.

My YouTube Channels

They say a picture speaks more than 1000 words. I believe videos talk more than the picture. It is for this reason that i took my passion to the next level and also became a YouTube creator. I have several Youtube channels on different topics and they earn revenue as well.

  1. Technology Sage: This is the video version of the Technology Sage blog. I create technology related videos and publish them on Youtube.
  2. Facile Gamer: I love computer games and on this channel, I share game tweaks, gameplay, tips and tricks on both Android games and computer games.
  3. JnM AutoMotors: I love automobiles and specifically Superbikes or Sportbikes. On this channel, I share information about bikes that I own, various MODs, repairs and in the near future I may as well cover cars.