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Web Designer & Developer


Jeff Nali is a Bachelor of commerce graduate from the University of Nairobi who has taken his love and passion for technology to new heights. Before we delve deep into the nitty-gritty of this guy, here is his a sneak preview of his basic info.

  • Date of birth
    May 15th
  • Languages
    English, Swahili
  • Hobbies
    Football, computer games, Driving/riding
  • Website


Well, Let me take the first person speech. I am a self-taught web designer/ developer with over 4 years experience. I started following my passion for technology when I was in my first year on campus. At this point, I knew not more than the basic computer skills and all I had was my laptop and internet connection (Provided by the school). Being in a business school, I was crazy about making money too and the popular search term on my computer browser was, ‘How to make money online’.

One of my google findings on the search term above stood out, and this was, making money through BLOGGING. What was fascinating about this was that, you earn by sharing what you love or passionate about with the rest of the world and you get paid for it. To be honest, I didn’t know how to start and I made Google and Youtube my best friends. I was able to set up my very first blog free of charge, initially hosted on Blogspot. I later took the bold step and made everything professional and now that blog is on a custom domain name and a brand has been established known as Technology Sage. Getting bigger every day and this is just one of many blogs that I run, not to mention the YouTube Channels too.

The learning process continued and with time, I learned a lot about websites, domain names, nameservers, web hosting, setting up web servers among others. On the gadget side, I learned how to use various aspects and use of computer software including but not limited to Adobe Photoshop, Sony Vegas Video editor, Illustrator, windows installation, ethical hacking etc. On the smartphone front, I also have knowledge of flashing custom ROMs, Rooting and unrooting, how to factory reset different mobile phones and tweaking smartphones for various special uses.


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Web Design

I can build custom websites according to the specified details. I do professional company websites, school or college websites, blogs, classified listings websites, personal websites, forums, eCommerce Website, Online Job Board, photography websites, Niche Affiliate Websites, Knowledgebase / Wiki Websites, Business directory websites, etc.


I have worked with WordPress content management system long enough and I can help you solve WordPress related issues or errors. I can also help with WordPress installation, theme and plugin installation, moving wordpress to diffferent host/domain/blogger to wordpress, WordPress customization, HTML editing, custom CSS among others.


Getting your website on the first page of search engines is a dream shared by many online content creators. I can help you with your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to ensure you Rank high up on the search results. I will use both on-site(on page) and off-site techniques to help rank your site on all major search engines.


In need of an android application? No problem. People use their mobile phones more than they did 5 years ago. Having a mobile app gives you an edge over your competitors. I can deliver a custom mobile app for Android operating system. I do mobile apps depending on the requirements given. I can also turn your blog or website into a mobile app.


Jeff built me a business directory website and it turned out great. I was so glad I found him. Thank you.

Belinda Were

He is fun to work with and what’s more, he delivers on time and with the exact customizations as you tell him to.

Simon Winks

I have done several projects with Jeff and I have been impressed. He is so creative and most of the time my projects turned out better than I imagined.

Mary Doe

Jeff helped me build a professional personal website kind like my online resume and it was perfect. In fact, I got more job offers more than before I had the website. Kudos My guy.

Michael Kinyua


CSCC operator- BBOXX

Nov 2017 to present

Working with BBOXX solar company to provide 20 million people with electricity by 2020. My passion for Technology makes my work here fun and satisfactory.

Web developer/ content creator- Technology Sage

2013 to present

I am a professional tech blogger/ content creator running and its affiliate websites including TechnologySage YouTube channel. I have other blogs, websites and youtube channels in other fields as well. More of my online content and sites are listed under ‘My Works’

Account Manager- Blueribbons Investments

Jan 2017-May 2017

Worked as an Account Manager in charge of debt management and debt recoveries on behalf of clients at Blueribbons Investments, which is a Debt collection and management firm.

Android OS beta-Tecno Mobility Kenya

Aug 2015-Nov 2016

Worked with Tecno Mobile in Kenya specifically in coming up with the Android version customized for tecno devices. During this period, Android HiOS was successfully tested and found fit for general public.


Ethical Hacking-Online Cause


Took the bold step to learn the complicated stuff about the online security with the aim of protecting myself from cyber security threats and also helping others stay secure. This knowledge can also help organizations seal their loopholes and stay secure.

The University of Nairobi


Attained a Bachelor’s degree in commerce, popularly known as; Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) Finance option. During the same period, I gained skills in the use of QuickBooks, SPSS and other financial software.

Web Design and Development-Online cause


I followed my passion and enrolled in Webdesign cause online. I learned how to build websites, HTML, java, PHP and other programming languages. Also got to understand how websites work, where the files are stored and the code behind every web page.

The Computer College-NAIROBI


I took both the basic and advanced computer packages during this period just after High school. This is when I started falling in love with Computers and what they were capable of.

Kivaywa High School


This is where I did my High school. My good grades granted me direct entry into the University of Nairobi but at the expense of waiting for two years.


On a personal level, I can rate my skill set as shown below. You are however free to contact me for further clarification or for inquiry on what is not listed.

Web Design
Video Editing
Finance & Accounting

My Websites

This section includes sites that I have built on my own for myself. These websites earn revenue in different ways and collectively they average over $1000 per month. If you want me to build a website for you, be it for business or personal website like this one, just reach out to me in the ‘contact’ section.

  1. Technology Sage is a technology blog where I share my knowledge on matters mobile phones, computers, software, games, and firmware.
  2. This is a technology forum/ social community where tech fans can discuss, ask and answer technology related questions or topics covered on Technology Sage.
  3. This is a video site where I publish technology videos on topics related or covered by Technology Sage blog.
  4. This is an Android APK file download site that offers users APK files for free download and use as they may deem necessary.
  5. This is a finance blog where I share knowledge on investment matters, investment portfolios, how to invest, among others.
  6. and : These are web hosting providers that Provides High-speed Web Hosting on NVMe SSDs. The fastest hosting in Kenya. Free SSL on all hosting plans, 99.99% Uptime guaranteed.



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You can talk to me through the contact information provided below. I welcome any business inquiries, suggestions, general inquiries and a message of encouragement.

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